Funny Leaders are Better

Lindley Hamilton is a leader who is funny

Why you think you can’t be funny at work

  • The first is the “serious business” legend, which is the idea that levity cheapens your work. You can come off as not taking your job seriously if you’re joking around. This is not true. Managers with a sense of humor are more motivating and admired. Their employees are more engaged. We reap tremendous rewards for the investment in humor.
  • There is the “born with it” myth, which is the notion that our humor is an innate characteristic. In reality, humor is a muscle. You can exercise it like anything else.
  • There’s the “being funny” myth, which is that humor is about cracking jokes. It’s more nuanced than that. People want joy. They want to be around someone who is full of wonder. Making a joke isn’t a risk. Not making one is. Humor identifies truths in our lives and gives a window into our humanity. It builds connection.
  • And lastly, the failure myth: People assume that disappointing humor will create enormous repercussions. But in reality, even when the jokes don’t create laughter, the people who make them are perceived as more confident.

How to get funnier

When jokes hurt




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Hamilton Lindley

Hamilton Lindley

Hamilton Lindley is a father, husband, and entrepreneur in Waco. He likes leading by enthusiasm, energy, and empathy.