Being Prepared for Continuous Change

Conduct a “change audit”

  • Team burnout and anxiety: It’s more difficult to judge change when we’re drained. When we’re exhausted, people are inclined to exhibit tunnel vision and feel apprehensive.
  • A “just deal with it” culture: Is everyone in your company allowed to share when they feel vulnerable? When something fails, is it seen as a learning opportunity or as a loss?
  • Lack of trust: Trust goes farther than any other individual resource when change comes. Do you trust each employee to uphold its values and act in the company’s best interests?
  • Insufficient metrics: The capacity to steer through change goes beyond money. How much is trustworthiness or exhaustion “worth?” They’re invaluable despite not showing up in your budget. How and where do you account for those intangibles? Your metrics must go beyond return on investment.

Put mindset before strategy

Mix constant change into your company culture



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Hamilton Lindley

Hamilton Lindley


Hamilton Lindley is a father, husband, and entrepreneur in Waco. He likes leading by enthusiasm, energy, and empathy.