Balancing Compassion and Performance

Data: Determine What Is Important

Prioritize Compassion

Setup Opportunities to Discuss Well-Being

  • Creating sub-groups inside a bigger company where employees with similar responsibilities may bond.
  • To make workplaces safe for learning, have frequent sessions where employees are encouraged to discuss not only their accomplishments, but also their failures.
  • To motivate staff, tell tales about the organization’s mission and successes, stressing its humanitarian achievements and dedication to doing good.
  • Recognizing acts of compassion at work in order to foster more generosity of spirit.
  • Having leaders mirror their own vulnerability in order to foster a sense of safety and trust.

Managers and Employees Should Collaborate



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Hamilton Lindley

Hamilton Lindley

Hamilton Lindley is a father, husband, and entrepreneur in Waco. He likes leading by enthusiasm, energy, and empathy.